Brand New for 2019

The Road to Transformation and Change

The Road to Transformation and Change is my new Programme for 2019. Each workshop or retreat will be an unfolding journey for each and every person who joins us.
My experience in helping people negotiate the twists and turns in life - by drawing upon spiritual discoveries, personal awakenings and the joy of finding that others are just like us - and we can all help each other is truly a blessing. Together, we can move mountains!
With love, Elaine.

Bristol Day

Bristol Day

Newquay Day

Newquay Day

Part Four

Who are we really? * Discover your strength
How do we follow our heart’s pathway? * Learn how to overcome challenge and self doubt
Which direction do we take? * Gain insights from the spiritual realms
* Take home new understanding to strengthen and empower you in everyday life
* Have fun and meet new friends ...

Come and Breathe New Vision and Clarity into Your Life!!

Elaine is available for group bookings for this event. Please get in touch for more details.

THE CALLING: Exploring the Heart of all Knowing Retreat

27th to the 30th September

St Nectan’s Glen, Tintagel, Cornwall

Join Wendy and myself for this deeply special retreat.

Spend time together immersing yourselves in the healing energies of this sacred place, taking time to reconnect with ‘you’! It’s so easy with the clamour of our busy lives to forget that we need to stop and take care of ourselves sometimes.

Experience the magical Glen and waterfall as it weaves it’s healing energies,restoring balance and peace to your mind, body and soul.

Awaken your senses and become more attuned to the ‘hidden’ you as you travel deep into the heart of your own ‘knowing’.

The weekend programme will include workshops with both Elaine and Wendy.

The sessions will blend Elaine’s Celtic visionary spiritual knowledge and gifts to help you discover more about you as you journey towards bringing to life your gifts, hopes and dreams.

Wendy will bring her many years as a foremost expert in the wildlife care as she demonstrates how the plant and animal kingdom have so many gifts to share ... and so much to teach us, not least of all in a spiritual and healing capacity when we open our hearts and minds.

These sessions will include meditations, creative activities, sensory walks and spiritual guidance.

There will also be plenty of free time for you to wander as you will, and healing sessions available by request in the therapy room.

We are having a caterer provide meals, but you are also able to bring things you might like or need. There is a beautiful cafe onsite too.

We have 15 spaces available in shared rooms. The cost is £285 per person.

We require a £80 deposit to secure your place payable by bank transfer to Elaine.

Please email for details


DAY GUESTS £40 for one day. £75 for two days. Refreshments included. Waterfall entrance is not included but can be bought on the day.

St Nectan's