Although I live in Celtic Cornwall, my ancestral home is on the Isle of Anglesey, or Ynys Môn (The Holy Isle) in Welsh. In olden times, Wales was connected to Cornwall and so it is not surprising I feel at home here in Cornwall. When I was a child I would play amongst stone circles and hear stories of myth, magic and healing.

My grandmother was a well known Bard and my Aunt was very closely connected to the Fae Folk. I grew up with myths and legends of ancient times, and the magical world of the intuitive imagination. So, it is easy to see why I have a passion for Celtic Lands, traditions and arts. My grandfather, well, he was a very brave Moelfre lifeboat man (and that is another story!!) a cobbler by trade - but also a man who knew the powers of all the plants in the hedgerow. Simple people, but strong in spirit and devoted to family and community.

 In my early 30's when I gave up a career in business management to return to academic study in order to teach and travel. However, my path deviated and led me on to further study and then to work with charities and helping children and families from some of the most challenging of backgrounds, through creative arts programmes. All the while my spiritual work as an intuitive and mentor continued.   

From that day to this my work is unfolding and evolving as it should ... and now embraces, for the eleventh year, being custodian of the wonderful Healing Weekend Festival in Somerset, UK, as well as my sixth year at the wonderful Lighthouse Holistic Festival in Poole, Dorset and my third year with Bristol Holistic Festival in the heart of the city. All incredibly different festivals which do so much to help folk live happier healthier lives.                                                                                                                                                              My work as a spiritual mentor gave me the opportunity to spread my wings, as I journeyed across ocean to the US to run the Divine Connection Retreat, with the talented teacher, Minister and spiritual intuitive, Janine Baryza-Ly. I feel a calling to go back very soon. I have also been busy running several retreats and residentials in the UK this past year, and several more coming very soon.

NEWS! Water’s Edge Cornish SeaArt
I launched my work as a creative artist last summer - I do hope to get to share some of these beautiful pieces with you @WatersEdgeSeaArt on Instagram and at home in my little studio.

Corallina Sution Pano.jpeg


I meet so many beautiful people on my travels - and I enjoy watching magical journeys unfold when people come to share time with me. We gain from life that which we put in - and my approach to helping people happier lives comes from simply the humble desire to create and live each day with love and positivity - to bring people together in celebration of this wonderful life we have been gifted and to do my best to share that love and help make this world a better place for having been here. 

I look forward to meeting many more of you in the weeks and months to come and most especially, if you'd like to come and spend time in the beautiful Celtic land that is my home, I look forward to sharing many adventures with you.
Best Wishes, Elaine